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Ma Dytoo Dead Tonight

By: Tricia Augustin   It was nearly evening and Ma Dytoo had just finish roasting some sweet potatoes, when she noticed that Africa wasn't lying in her usual spot. A bit puzzled, she looked around the house and under the house where Africa sometimes went.   "I wonder if Docears en take de dog round Columbo’, she muttered to herself. ‘This boy...

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Mala Bryan’s Journey into Malaville

By Monica Victor Malaville Logo Dreams Do ComeTrue, But Only If We Actively Pursue Them When Mala Bryan was a little girl, she played with many dolls none of which looked like her -- white ones. Today, Mala has gone from playing with Cabbage Patch and Barbie dolls to having her very own line of dolls that look like her...

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By: Phyllis Wilson Woman, when you're spending hours in line, sometimes pregnant, waiting for the next available gambling machine. Rise above that, woman. Rise!   When you're being abused by someone who clearly doesn't give a damn about you. Rise above that, woman. Rise!   When you don't attend your child's PTA meeting but you're in a bar drinking and smoking....

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Madras Hats and Dolls By Phyllis Wilson

Her name is La Belle Hélène By Phyllis Wilson La Belle Hélène ( The Beauutiful Helen) is made from dried plantain leaves and a touch of madras to highlight our nationality and culture. My dolls represent my creativity and my lovely island home St. Lucia. La Belle Hélène lives in the lovely community of Mon Repos. A very hard...

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Those Were The Days

Photo Credit: Everything St.Lucian(like on Facebook) By: Flora Emmanuel-Joseph I remember the days when neighbors looked out for each other And people exchanged friendly greetings with one another The days when children were taught by example And respected their elders irrespective of who they were. Those were the days. I recall the days when families sat together and...

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Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Mocha Rose and I'm a 20-year-old independent blogger with a passion for sharing about fashion and lifestyle.

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