Alene Mathurin’s Madras Tanbou

"A precious family owned it and gave it to me,” she says referring to the “unclothed” tanbou. "They must not have seen the value in it.” But not this Alene Mathurin who lives in New Jersey. A girl from a rich and vibrant creole culture, of sewenal and daybot! Of knowing folks like Marilyn Gaston -- a drummer...

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Madras Hats and Dolls By Phyllis Wilson

Her name is La Belle Hélène By Phyllis Wilson La Belle Hélène ( The Beauutiful Helen) is made from dried plantain leaves and a touch of madras to highlight our nationality and culture. My dolls represent my creativity and my lovely island home St. Lucia. La Belle Hélène lives in the lovely community of Mon Repos. A very hard...

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Alicia Augustin | Manmay Choiseuil!

Manmay Choiseuil! Showcasing her creole flair and madras style is the lovely Miss Alicia Augustin. Born and raised in Choiseiul, Alicia now resides in Connecticut. She is very much involved in the St.Lucian community there and currently serves as the Vice President of the St.Lucian Association of Connecticut. Her favorite creole food include our National Dish: green fig...

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Manmay LaKay | Loverly Sheridan

Living Her Dream Fearlessly By: Monica Victor Loverly Sheridan's biggest fear is flying, but she doesn't let it deter her. To date she's visited 6 of the 7 continents and over 50 countries that  'A Girl Like Me'  or boy have perhaps only read about in history books or seen on television. It is this courage, steadfastness, determination and character that allows...

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