Alicia  Augustin | Manmay Choiseuil!

Alicia Augustin | Manmay Choiseuil!

Manmay Choiseuil!

Showcasing her creole flair and madras style is the lovely Miss Alicia12118778_1629878847275117_2657181217551589584_n Augustin. Born and raised in Choiseiul, Alicia now resides in Connecticut. She is very much involved in the St.Lucian community there and currently serves as the Vice President of the St.Lucian Association of Connecticut.

Her favorite creole food include our National Dish: green fig and saltfish and breadfruit too (bwapain, fig ek lanmowi :)) She enjoys all genres of music and will move to any beat that allows her to move her waist – even to the beat of a tin! She misses Mother Helen’s warm embrace

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