Meet Watch Radio’s NYC DJ Twinsoul

Meet Watch Radio’s NYC DJ Twinsoul

By: Dr. Mary 

DJ Twinsoul the wickedest DJ on Watch Radio. This girl is cool, invigorating, energetic, soulful not to mention her signature dance moves. If you have not caught her on Manic Monday’s, you are missing a good time. A good Disk Jockey (DJ) can entertain a crowd, play the right music at the right time, can make you feel that you are the best dancer in the house, and can make you feel like you are losing your mind the music is so good! This is what DJ Twinsoul brings to the table.

What is Watch Radio and who is DJ Twinsoul?

Watch Radio (“where we no longer listen to radio we watch radio”) is a St. Lucian-oriented on-line radio station.  It can be heard daily on and every evening from 8 pm to 11 pm on Facebook, and most Saturdays and Sundays with different Disc Jockeys.

Watch Radio has been running for about one year. Adolphe Felix is the mastermind behind this entity along with his wife and treasurer Wendy Alexander; their team includes vice president Louis George, Heather Daniel, executive secretary, Lisa Armstrong, director of marketing, Dawn Smith, director of operations, and Russel Lake, who is the executive consultant. Lake is based in St. Lucia and works for Radio 100 in St. Lucia.

According to Ms. Alexander, Watch Radio has over 10K listeners monthly, including the app. She stated that sometimes traffic is so heavy it breaks down the site.  About two years ago, her husband, Adolphe Felix (DJ Yardie) and DJ Shawn (one of the DJ’s on Watch Radio) was with another radio station at the same venue (where Watch Radio is currently) enjoying playing music. This station was called Touch Radio, but when that “family” went their separate ways, Watch Radio was born.  Felix, her husband is an electrician by trade but enjoys playing music. Ms. Alexander is a self-described “hustler, I do a little of everything.”

Ms. Alexander said the goal of Watch Radio is to “help the community, help schools in St. Lucia and Dominica.”  Because of this humanitarian gesture, she said the fledgling station has gotten several awards which have helped make Watch Radio a success.

“We have got a lot of St. Lucian viewers, we have teamed up with Radio 100, because St. Lucians like the music and they now have a platform for their music and to advertise their functions and products,” said Ms. Alexander, “We’re the voice of St. Lucia, everyone who is from St. Lucia is welcome.  We have supporters from around the world even in England, and Nigeria.”

The radio personalities comprise 13 DJs, three of whom are females: DJ Jenn, DJ Sha J, and my personal favorite DJ Twinsoul.

DJ Twinsoul (Sophia Paul) comes on Mondays from 8 pm to 11 pm. She calls her segment Manic Monday, because “you don’t know what you’ll get the next day.”

Her signature phrase, “sa ma du la”, means “listen to what I am telling you” and can be heard throughout the slot. Another phrase, “how you mean?” accompanies the music she plays.

DJ Twinsoul was “born ready” because she believes nothing happens by coincidence.  “The devil is a liar, I’m still here.” 

She was born in Plateau Babonneau, St. Lucia on June 11, 1974, and is the eldest of six children. DJ Twin Soul’s parents still live in St. Lucia, and she credits her father for her love of music, particularly country and western and African. 

She describes herself as “social, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless.”  When asked where the name Twinsoul comes from, she stated, “I give myself a name that has vibration. I’m a Gemini, I have a soul; without the soul you have nothing.”

She has been a professional DJ for four years.  Moving to New York City in 1999, she began playing when an ex-girlfriend bought her a console and she was instantly hooked.  She has an abundance of music and DJ instruments she plays at diverse functions.

It was through that medium that she got the job at Watch Radio?  She played at a lot of St. Lucian parties and had her own Facebook live show when Felix saw her capabilities and asked her to join his station. It took her a little while, but she eventually took up the offer and is not disappointed.

She wants her listeners to know that “anything is possible, you have to have the thought for anything to manifest. If you can see it in your mind it will happen you have to have the will.”

Listen, guys, for St. Lucians and non-St. Lucians having a party, call DJ Twinsoul at (347) 630-6590. You won’t be disappointed. You may need water because that party will be on F I R E!         


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