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Excerpts from My Journal

My Story!My Shoes!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou


We all go through similar experiences just different versions of it. Some of us journal our joys and sorrows while others of us keep them hidden from the peering eyes of judges and critics.

Some of us write them down only to squash and trample upon them while others of us, crumble and burn them.

Still, some of us forcibly repress them into oblivion or so we think, only to realize that they are just buried deep down in the trenches of our skull until something, somewhere, somehow conjures it all up and brings it back to our consciousness.

And yes, others of us journal and share simply because we realize that our stories nomatter how poignant or pleasant, are powerful and have the capacity to inspire and empower, to motivate and elevate, to touch lives and perhaps liberate.

Sharing our stories is a win-win for both the story teller and the audience, it affords us an opportunity to heal, teach,learn and grow. This journey of life as we know it came with no manuals and so we know there is power in sharing, we know that it is vital and beneficial to share our stories.  It is through others, from others coupled with life experiences that we learn to cope and deal with whatever life throws at us. “Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive, says Barry Lopez.

So, as we tread through this journey called LIFE, let us take a little time to listen to others and to share our stories. For we believe every story has a lesson and behind every lesson is a story. May you encourage someone with your story and may you be encouraged by someone else’s story.

Everyone has a story; what’s yours? We promise anonymity if that’s your wish!

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