Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

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By: Flora Emmanuel-Joseph

I remember the days when neighbors looked out for each other
And people exchanged friendly greetings with one another
The days when children were taught by example
And respected their elders irrespective of who they were.
Those were the days.

I recall the days when families sat together and told tales of the struggles of our ancestors
And ‘tim tims’ and ‘e de quick’ joggled the minds of old and young alike
Leaving bellows of laughter ringing through the air
At the mere simplicity of those riddles yet filled with wisdom
Do you remember? I do.
Those were the days.

I reminisce about the days when we opened our doors and had no fearsIMG_2354
And we walked the streets without a care in the world
Paying no heed to the time or place
For we knew that all would be the same for us and our children.
The good old days!
Those were the days.

I am nostalgic for a society that was overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit
And people’s words were honourable and promises were kept
And things were done for the good of all, not for praise and personal gain
The days when we looked forward to tomorrow
With zeal for
we knew that beyond the horizon was victory,
beyond the storm was calm,
beyond the faces was truth, that our people cared about this land,
Our country, St.Lucia.

Those were the good old days, St.Lucia.

About this Manmay LaKay:
Mrs. Flora Emmanuel-Joseph hails from the beautiful community of Mon Repos. She has been educating and molding lives for over 25 years and currently serves as Vice Principal of Grand-Reviere Secondary in Dennery. Three years ago she compiled and published this magnificient book of over 100 poems “Expressions of the Heart. Heart to Heart.” It presents life experiences from a Carribbean culture and promises to evoke “joy, laughter and feelings of sadness for unfulfilled love.​” To get your hands on a copy of this book visit or

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